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AfroBang & Heartbreaks

The Plantapes Vol. 1

The Plantapes

The Plantapes Vol 1: AfroBang & Heartbreaks is the first collection of digital collectibles by Calid B. With this project Calid brings collectors into his eclectic world of music and love for plantains, while creating new partnership opportunities through food & music. This particular collection includes an intimate selection of photos, songs, and music videos depicting Calid in between states of solitude, reflection, and resiliency following a breakup.


As the self proclaimed Plantain Papi and a first generation Cote D’Ivoirian, Calid has plantains running through his blood. Plantains have been his favorite food since childhood, and he views the delicacy as a universal side dish, and a way to connect people back to the African diaspora. Calid's approach to music is similar, as he uses it as a tool to bring people together over universal frequencies, such as African drums and pentatonic scales. 


Collectible Perks

Buyers of this collection will be given access to the following:  

  • A private dining experience with Calid B, featuring plantains of course

  • AfroBang merchandise discounts

  • Access to future AfroBang events 



With this collection of music, Calid goes through a range of emotions and genres, giving his fans a taste of familiarity while also challenging them with new versions of his sound. Frequent collaborators like Sam Thousand and Simba.Got.It. appear throughout the collection, in addition to emcees like Del Marie. Visually, the collection will include a mix of music video clips and photography for collectors to choose from. Visual collaborators included, HULLI, Calid’s former student at Columbia College Chicago and current photographer for Classick Studios, and LogiK (Julian Gilliam) a power player in Web3 and close collaborator of Calid B. 



With this project, Calid hopes to onboard more BIPOC communities into Web3, in addition to organizations that are positively impacting the African diaspora through music and community building. 10% of the sales from the Plantapes will be donated to Solidarity Studios

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